Tone Deaf

So I'm playing around with screen tones in Photoshop getting mixed results and snags. Why use Photoshop for tone work? Well, it's the program I'm most familiar with. There are methods that I'd read up on that show you that toning is possible with Photoshop. I've used Manga Studio before but found it to be a lot like Photoshop only there were annoying little things that made it a lot not like Photoshop which turned me off to it. Now, I shouldn't criticize it that much, this was a really early version of the program so by now all those little bugs have probably been squashed. In fact I just watched a video on the Manga Studio homepage where Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame) gives a run through of how he uses the program to pull off some amazing work. In the end Manga Studio is the better choice for tones, seeing as how it's built from the ground up for comic production. But Photoshop will always be my first love and will probably be open right next to whatever other program I'm using at the moment filling in the gaps other programs leave open.

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